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3 Ways to Get Top Cash for Your Scrap Car

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Need to sell your scrap car? Selling the vehicle to an auto wrecker is a great way to reclaim your precious space and make some quick cash. No matter the condition of the vehicle, you'll want to sell it at the best price possible. There are several things you can do to maximise the amount of cash you receive for your unwanted vehicle. 

Here are some tips for getting top pay for your scrap car.

Fix Your Car

Can your car still work? If your car has been sitting in the yard due to a mechanical problem that won't cost much to repair, conducting the necessary repair work can go a long way in maximising its sales price. This is because it's easier to negotiate a higher price for a vehicle that's working than one that's completely broken down.

Plus, the car won't need to be towed to the auto wrecking yard, so you won't have to incur car towing costs, which may significantly reduce the amount of pay you get from your car sale.

Know the Value of Your Car

Before getting quotes from your scrap car, it is always a good idea to have an independent car valuer look at it so they can establish its true market value. The valuer will inspect the vehicle and give you an honest assessment of its condition. This way, you will have a general idea about how much money you should get for your unwanted car.

Compare Quotes 

Another way to get top dollar for your scrap car is to get quotes from a few auto wreckers near you for comparison's sake. Getting multiple quotes gives you the opportunity to choose the auto wrecker that offers the most cash for your vehicle. 

When comparing quotes, don't just look at the total amount of money being offered for your vehicle — also consider the costs involved in delivering the vehicle to the auto wrecking yard. An auto wrecker that offers the highest price might not be the most profitable one for you if they are located too far from the place where your scrap vehicle sits. This is because the car towing costs might significantly reduce the amount of money you receive from the sale of the vehicle.

With these tips, you can get the best possible price for your broken-down vehicle. Remember, auto wreckers are in the business of making profits from buying scrap cars, so it is best to be prepared. Look for places that offer cash for cars near you.