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Top Tips When Buying Used Parts From An Auto Wrecker

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Auto wreckers, otherwise known as car removalists, are businesses that purchase old or wrecked cars to sell them for parts or as scrap metal. Typically, parts at an auto wrecker are cheaper than those sold at your local parts dealer. Read on to learn how to purchase parts from an auto wrecker

Your first task is to establish whether the parts you need are available at the wrecking yard. Some businesses may specialise in specific types of cars. For instance, you may find an auto wrecker that deals in vintage vehicles, while another specialises in trucks. Therefore, you could narrow down your search to auto wreckers that deal in the make and model of your car.

Once you find the part, inquire about the auto wrecker's terms and conditions. Some of your concerns should include: 

  • Does the auto wrecker give guarantees on the used part? This ensures that you get your money back or a replacement if the part you purchase is dysfunctional.
  • If you live far from the auto wrecker, inquire if they can remove the part and ship it to your location.
  • Some auto wreckers will ask you to remove the part from the car. If this is the case, you may need power tools such as a drill and grinder. Some wreckers may provide these tools for a small fee.
  • Inquire about the terms of payment. For instance, the business may or may not accept cash payments.
  • Ask about transport services. It is especially important when buying heavy parts such as an engine, chassis or drivetrain.
  • If you find a classic or rare vehicle, inquire if you can purchase it as a donor car.

At the wrecking yard, you will have to conduct a thorough assessment to examine the condition of the available part. Some auto wreckers will provide service reports to help you know how long the part was used. This information will help you establish the longevity of the part. For instance, you should check the mileage of the vehicle when buying a used engine. If the odometer is at 90,000 kilometres, you may need to conduct an engine overhaul before installing the engine in your car. Additionally, inspect the part to ensure it does not have missing components or cracks that may affect its functionality. Stay safe when detaching the part. Wear gloves, boots and goggles to prevent injuries.

When buying parts from an auto wrecker, check the availability of the used part, examine the paperwork, inspect the part and observe the recommended safety tips.