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Getting the most from your scrap vehicle

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When it comes to auto salvage vehicles, there two ways you can make cash. These both have their own advantages when it comes to getting the most from a vehicle. If you just want to get rid of a vehicle with no hassle you can take it down to a local breakers or scrap yard They will also collect it from you for a fee, but this negates the gains you will make. If you are lucky enough to have the time, space and know-how, you could potentially make yourself many times the scrap value of the vehicle by breaking it down and selling your own parts.

This could take some time to do as you would be breaking down the whole vehicle into its various components, but this does have its benefits both financially and environmentally. You would be recycling the usable parts, giving them another lease on life. Selling the parts is particularly advantageous when it comes to old or rare vehicles, where the availability of new spares is limited or almost impossible to source     

Here are some advantages and disadvantages on scrapping or braking your vehicle

Advantages with Scrapping

  • If you are wanting to get rid of a vehicle that is no longer road worthy and/or not worth repairing, this is a quick and easy way to take care of getting rid of your unwanted scrap

  • You can earn money based on the weight and how much scrap cars are worth at the time

Disadvantages With Scrapping

  • Value is dependent on what scrap is worth at the time of disposal

Advantages with breaking your own vehicle

  • It's possible to make more from a stripped vehicle in parts than you can in straight scrap value as a complete unit

  • Value of parts can increase depending on the age, condition, and rarity

Disadvantages With breaking your own vehicle

  • Some parts can be in less demand leaving you with having to store them until such time they are wanted

  • Adequate storage may be needed if you are unable to sell the parts quickly enough

  Now that you have all the information with the advantages and disadvantages of scrapping and breaking vehicles.this will enable you to choose the relevant path to dispose of your vehicle. Depending on your location scrap prices can vary from week to week. You can also take your parts if you choose to break the vehicle down to auto jumbles or even sell them online.