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5 Tips for Saving Money on Auto Parts

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Like any product, auto parts come in a range of prices. Wondering how to save money on parts? Well, there are several steps you can try.

1. Order Online

If you are having your car repaired at a shop, your bill usually consists of parts and labour. Many car shops do not put any additional fees onto the parts—they simply charge you whatever they pay. As a result of this practice, many mechanics are willing to let you bring in your own parts.

Ask if that is possible, and if so, look around online. You may be able to find cheap parts.

2. Use Off-Brand Parts

Parts made by the company that made your car tend to be more expensive than generic parts. Whether you are doing the work yourself or paying a professional, consider using generic parts. Just make sure that doesn't render your warranty null and void.

3. Get an Extended Warranty

You may want to look into extended warranties that cover a range of auto parts. That doesn't save you money on individual parts per se, but if something breaks down that's covered by the warranty, you generally get free parts, or you might only have to pay the excess.

4. Buy an Old Car for Parts

If you prefer to do your own repairs, you may want to keep an eye out for a run-down car that is the same make and model or a similar make and model to your vehicle. Even if the car isn't running, you can keep it on hand for parts. Depending on how many parts you use, the price you pay for the vehicle may end up being less than buying parts on their own. However, that varies from case to case.

5. Contact an Auto Wrecker

Keeping extra cars for parts around your property may not be feasible. In a lot of cases, people simply don't have room. To find the parts, you may want to contact an auto wrecker. These companies take a huge range of old vehicles, and they may have the part you need for a reduced rate.

Some junkyards will even let you walk out into the yard and grab whatever part you need. Other companies may have parts displayed inside, on shelves.

On top of these tips, do what you always do when you want to save money. Clip coupons, look for deals and comparison shop until you find the best auto parts for less.